Legal Services to NRI

In this section we intend to provide legal help to the Indian Diaspora across the globe to resolve their legal complications and also to help them in completing their legal compliance if any in the most convenient manner. Here we try to deliver you with cohesive and coherent array of collaborative services that answer their legal needs at any time.

Who Is NRI?

Non-Residential Indians (NRIs) or the Overseas Indians, officially known as non-resident Indians or persons of Indian origin, are people of Indian birth, descent or origin who live outside the Republic of India.

What services are offered to NRI?

In the present era of globalization, NRIs and foreign individuals/ corporate houses face several legal issues to be dealt in order to proceed in the right manner as per the law of land and apprise them of the liabilities, obligations, duties and rights available to NRIs in India. There are varied legal issues which are faced by the . At Kanoongurus, we help you resolve all your legal issues through our legal experts.

Land/Property Dispute

It becomes a tedious task to manage your property when you are placed abroad and a lot of legal compliance may stay pending on your part - to ease you with such necessary legal compliance and also advice you legally in case of adverse possessions and other property disputes including succession rights, we have on-board our skilled and professional lawyers who can help you tackle all your needs relating to land or property. Our lawyers can help you achieve your legal goals and resolve any dispute relating to your property while you are far away by way of representation on your behalf in any case or dispute before Courts and Administrative authority.


In any event when you plan to immigrate to any other state/country for the purpose of work or relocate, our lawyers are there to help you achieve all your legal documents and complete necessary legal compliances. A plethora of documentation is required while you move to another country and get no objection from various govt. and non-govt. departments. To help you arrange your documents in line and to get clearance you may always reach to our well-versed lawyers to help you achieve your aim and clear your legal doubts.


In this global village today – cross-border Mergers & Acquisition has grown rapidly and there you need an expert incorporate laws, our expert lawyers may help you with that and assist you in successful mergers or acquisitions. Apart from that in any case when you decide to invest i.e. FDIs or enter into any joint venture or open a new company i.e to say the put your start-up in India our team of expert lawyers are always there to assist you. From the range of legal experts available on our platform, you can swiftly choose and that may really help you resolve your commercial cross-border dispute be it through arbitration or through litigation process. We aim to provide you with skilled lawyer who assists you to resolve your legal complication and run your business with ease.

Personal Laws

Experience lawyers on this platform can help you sort all your family disputes right from including those having jurisdictional and cross-border disputes relating to matrimonial disputes, annulment of marriage, child custody cases etc. The objective of the family lawyer is to adjudge the scope of settlement and cohabitation between husband and wife while on other hand where the couple under no circumstances wishes or attempts to work on the marriage, the courts dissolve such marriages. The carefully chosen lawyer can help you attain mental peace out of the family exigencies.

Wills/Inheritance/Estate Planning

Inheritance and Succession comes in picture when the determination of property, titles, debts, rights, and obligations is to be decided on the death of an individual. Formulating an unambiguous and clear “Will” can avoid a lot of unnecessary legal disputes arising of property, for which you may select from the range of lawyers who hold good hand in legal drafting. We assist our NRI clients with all the legal formalities involved.